Primer Paints

Before applying paint to a surface, there is often a requirement for a paint primer to be applied beforehand. There are several reasons why paint primers and undercoats are required. Firstly, there is the protection aspect. Metal surfaces in particular, need to be protected from the elements in order to prevent corrosion. Anti-corrosive primers are frequently used as the first coat in a multi-coat sequence on metal surfaces that will be exposed to the elements.

Secondly, there is the adhesion aspect. A paint primer will help the adhesion of a topcoat. Substrates such as wood and concrete are porous and so will absorb coatings, particularly water borne products, when applied to an untreated surface. If, however, a coat of primer is used first, it will "seal" the surface and provide a much better base onto which a topcoat can be applied.

Thirdly, for dramatic changes in colour, an undercoat can be useful in helping obliterate darker colours before applying a light topcoat.

Firwood manufactures and supplies a wide range of paint primer for application to the various types of surfaces used in general industrial applications. Etch primers, anti corrosive primers, intermediate coats and water borne primers are all available.

Etch Primers & Solutions These products are designed for the pre-treatment of galvanised, ferrous and non-ferrous metals to improve the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint. The application of paints directly to non ferrous metals can fail without suitable pre treatment for example with an etch primer.

Anti Corrosive Primers & Intermediates
A range of anti-corrosive primers and undercoats suitable for application to a variety of blasted, cleaned or pre-treated metal surfaces. These coatings are formulated to provide protection to the substrate and to also provide a base for subsequent coats of paint.

Water Borne Primers A selection of quick drying, water borne primers for use on ferrous or non-ferrous metals and other surfaces. These coatings are manufactured to low odour and low voc formulations when compared to solvent borne products

Why choose Firwood? Firwood Paints are manufacturers of specialist paint and coatings for industrial and commercial applications. Established in 1925, the company operates from its UK manufacturing site to service its home and overseas customers.

Firwood manufacture a comprehensive selection of paints and coatings that satisfy the needs of a diverse range of industries and specialist applications.

Attention to the needs of customers combined with an innovative approach to product development plus continuing investment in technology and manufacturing methods, guarantee that Firwood consistently produce high quality paints supplied with the best levels of service.

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