Metal Primers & Paints

Firwood carry a wide selection of metal paint for use in general industrial applications. The product range includes various types of primers, finishes and more specialist coatings.

Etch Primers & Solutions These products are designed for the pre-treatment of galvanised ferrous and non-ferrous metals to improve the adhesion of subsequent coats of metal paint.

Anti Corrosive Primers & Intermediates A range of anti-corrosive primers and undercoats suitable for application to a variety of blasted, cleaned or pre-treated metal surfaces. These coatings are formulated to provide protection to the substrate and to also provide a base for subsequent coats of metal paint. Firwood's product range includes water borne anti corrosive primers and solvent borne anti corrosive primers.

Clear Lacquers Fast drying clear lacquers suitable for application mainly to metal surfaces but also have excellent adhesion to other materials such as timber, plastic and glass.

Finishes Tough, fast drying finishes that are ideal for use as the final coat in a full painting sequence. Mainly used on metal surfaces but satisfactory results can be obtained on other materials.

Hammer, Metallic & Effect Finishes Attractive and protective metal paint finishes. These products are generally used to cover rough surfaces or imperfections such as those found on castings. They can also be used as one coat finishes or as part of a full paint sequence.

Mining Paint A quick drying, single coat metal paint intended for use on mining equipment. High build can be achieved with this product in a single application. Conforms to relevant NCB specs.

Bituminous Paint An economical coating providing protection against moisture and corrosive atmospheres on both steelwork and timber.

Why choose Firwood?
Firwood Paints are manufacturers of specialist paint and coatings for industrial and commercial applications. Established in 1925, the company operates from its UK manufacturing site to service its home and overseas customers.

Firwood manufacture a comprehensive selection of paints and coatings that satisfy the needs of a diverse range of industries and specialist applications.

Attention to the needs of customers combined with an innovative approach to product development plus continuing investment in technology and manufacturing methods, guarantee that Firwood consistently produce high quality paints supplied with the best levels of service.

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