Garage Floor Paints

When choosing a garage floor paint, the primary consideration is that it be easy to clean as well as attractive. The garage floor takes a lot of punishment in a day - much more than any other place in the typical home. With the inevitable spills, leaks and drips, it is important that the garage floor paint you choose cleans up quickly and looks like new for years.

The right garage floor paint can help you retain the beauty of your home and eliminate costly carpet replacements and hard wood floor repairs. A garage is a great place to park your car or just store you extra stuff, but keeping the garage clean is an important consideration. If the garage floor is full of oil, dirt and other contaminants, these unsightly stains can easily find their way onto your luxurious white carpet or expensive hardwood floors.

Another important advantage of a good garage floor paint is that it can serve as advance warning that you have an unnoticed oil leak or transmission problem. It is a good idea to pull the car out of the garage once in a while and examine the garage floor area carefully. Black stains could indicate an oil leak. Red marks on the garage floor could mean transmission or brake problems. The sooner you notice these problems and have them checked out the less expensive they will be to fix.

Firwood 2500 - Garage Floor Paint is a water based acrylic formulation that has good resistance to the various types of spills you may find in a garage i.e. oils, petrol, diesel, greases, lubricating fluids, water, etc. It is also a tough, hard wearing paint that possesses good wear resistance to tyre marks and scuffs. Available from stock in 8 standard colours.

Why choose Firwood? Firwood Paints are manufacturers of specialist paint and coatings for industrial and commercial applications. Established in 1925, the company operates from its UK manufacturing site to service its home and overseas customers.

Firwood manufacture a comprehensive selection of paints and coatings that satisfy the needs of a diverse range of industries and specialist applications.

Attention to the needs of customers combined with an innovative approach to product development plus continuing investment in technology and manufacturing methods, guarantee that Firwood consistently produce high quality paints supplied with the best levels of service.

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