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Water & Dirt Repellent

Firwood's effective water and dirt repellent provides an innovative protective coating against weathering on inside or outside walls, patios and pavements.

Protective Paint For Walls And Pavements

Firwood's clear silicone free water and dirt repellent is easy to apply, leaving a protective coating which will help protect your property, driveway or garden patio from moisture and stains. It dries to a clear finish so as not to affect the appearance of stone or concrete.

It uses clever fluorocarbon technology to give long term protection of building products from moisture penetration with the benefit of improved stain repellence and soil resistance.

It has been designed to help to protect floors from grease and liquid spillages making surfaces easier to clean. It is resistant to the penetration of liquids whilst permeable to water vapour and gases.

Firwood recommends its use on both vertical walls and floors in external and internal applications, making it ideal for porous substrates such as stone, brick and untreated concrete.

For more information about water and dirt repellent or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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