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Firwood 191 Chlorinated Rubber High Build Primer

Firwood 191 Chlorinated Rubber High Build Primer

From £40.65

Swimming Pool Paint

Swimming Pool paint for coating the internal surfaces of swimming pools, Firwood has a special range of swimming pool paint which can be used to protect new build and maintenance applications.

Paint For Swimming Pools

Firwood's highly effective swimming pool paints provide a chlorinated rubber coating along with a gloss finish that offers long term resistance to water immersion and pool chemicals.

There are options available depending on the materials used for the pool, including chlorinated rubber paint which is designed for concrete pool and is available in over 300 different colours.

Firwood also provide a high build primer for swimming pools which features anti-corrosive properties and is designed for application on to steel. Plus Firwood also offer a top coat for steel or concrete swimming pool surfaces which leaves a sheen finish, whilst still providing effective chemical and water resistance.

Firwood are also able to supply anti-slip additives to be mixed with the final coat of paint prior to application. This is recommended for the walk in areas of swimming and paddling pools. Contact the Firwood Product Advisory Service for recommendations on suitable anti-slip additives.

For more information about swimming pool paint or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email
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