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Epoxy Mortar Repair

Firwood's range of epoxy mortar is designed to provide the ideal quick fix for small cracks or holes in concrete floors, steps and ramps.

Mortar For Repairing Concrete

Firwood's epoxy repair mortar includes two different types, one which has been developed for cracks and another for holes, giving both trade and DIY the ability to fix small gaps on a concrete surface without making any drastic changes to the entire surface.

Firwood's rapid set epoxy mortar repair features high compressive strength which makes it suitable for both vehicular and fork lift traffic. It is ready for traffic after 3-4 hours when cured at 20° C on holes between 5mm and 50mm deep on either concrete or stone.

Firwood's deep fill epoxy mortar is designed for the repair of deep holes in concrete and can be applied to holes between 15mm and 150mm in depth. It is easy to apply with excellent compressive strength, setting quickly to a hard durable surface. It's formulated with a 100% solid system which doesn't shrink on curing.

For more information about epoxy mortar repair or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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