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Firwood 2570 Water Borne Gloss

Firwood 2570 Water Borne Gloss

From £190.00

Water Borne Top Coats

Firwood has a great range of fast drying water borne primers and finishes which are suitable for application onto wood, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Water Borne Top Coats

Firwood'sselection of water borne top coats includes options for various industrial applications. This includes Firwood's water borne lunar finishwhich is a one coat, decorative paint that dries to hard random micatallic finish. It is best suited to surfaces with a less than ideal surface profile such as castings, and will enhance uneven or cast metal surfaces and help cover imperfections.

Firwood'swater borne gloss finish is a quick drying, low odour, acrylic gloss for use on metal and wood substrates. It can be applied directly onto ferrous metals without causing flash rusting on the substrate. Enhanced durability can be achieved with the use of a suitable anti-corrosive primer. This is a general purpose industrial water borne finish which possesses good flow properties that enable application by brush, roller or spray.

Firwood also provide a water borne decorative gloss and water borne eggshell finish which both offer the environmental and safety benefits of a water borne top coat with the performance of traditional solvent based paints. Formulated for the latest 2010 VOC limits, these coatings contain less than 50g per litre of VOC and offer excellent gloss and durability for both internal and external use.

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