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Firwood 656 High Solids Air Dry Gloss

Firwood 656 High Solids Air Dry Gloss

From £101.80

High Solids Coatings

Firwood's high solids air dry gloss paint has low VOC for application to gas bottles and metal packaging, and features special lead free pigmentation for industrial applications.

Quick Drying Industrial Gloss Paint

Firwood's high solids, high gloss finish paint offers excellent durability with a hard wearing scratch and impact resistant finish. This makes it suitable for application directly onto ferrous and suitably prepared non-ferrous metals.

Firwood's high solids coatings are available in over 20 different colours and are designed for use on packaging, skips, pallets, gas bottles and any other general industrial application.

For more information about high solids coatings or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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