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Firwood 395 Mordant Solution

Firwood 395 Mordant Solution

From £25.90

Firwood 176 Chromate Free Two Pack Etch Primer

Firwood 176 Chromate Free Two Pack Etch Primer

From £84.60

Etch Primers & Solutions

Firwood's etch primers are suitable for the pre-treatment of galvanised, ferrous and non-ferrous metals to improve the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint.

Primers For Metal Pre-treatment

Firwood's selection of etch primers and solutions includes rapid dry chromate free etch primer which is a rapid drying pre-treatment for application to non-ferrous metals such as zintec sheet and galvanised metal to promote adhesion for subsequent coats of paint.

This primer was developed to have the advantage of a single pack etch primer but without the normal drawback of a very low flashpoint, common in many single pack etch primers. It is suitable for stoving or air drying to ferrous and non-ferrous metals that have been cleaned and is formulated free of zinc chromates to reduce toxicity risk.

Firwood also provide mordant solutionwhich is a reactive chemical solution used as a pre-treatment for galvanised surfaces to aid the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint. It is supplied as a blue solution that has a characteristic blackening effect on the galvanised surface to indicate that the treatment has been effective.

For more information about etch primers and solutions or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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