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Firwood 57 Black Bitumen Paint

Firwood 57 Black Bitumen Paint

From £19.50

Bituminous Paint

Firwood provide effective black epoxy pitch and bitumen paint for metal protection against rust and corrosion including corrugated metal sheets, gutters and downspouts.

Anti-Corrosive Industrial Paint

Firwood's range of bitumen paints includes a polyamine adduct cured coal tar pitch coating. It has been formulated to provide a waterproof coating that has a high resistance to atmospheric attack in corrosive environments.

This makes it ideal for use under corrosive conditions such as those that exist in chemical and sewage works, underground storage tanks and pipelines. It is also ideal for use on applications below the waterline such as buoys and boat hulls.

Firwood also provide a general purpose, bituminous paint which is designed for waterproofing and weather protection. It dries to form an odourless bitumen film, making it suitable for application to a wide variety of substrates including steel, iron, lead, zinc, aluminium, concrete, stone, brick and wood.

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