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Firwood 393 Rapid Dry Matt Finish

Firwood 393 Rapid Dry Matt Finish

From £25.90

Firwood 64 Rapid Dry Aluminium Paint

Firwood 64 Rapid Dry Aluminium Paint

From £30.45

Firwood 193 Aluminium Paint

Firwood 193 Aluminium Paint

From £38.45

Heat Resistant Paint

Firwood manufactures a range of heat resistant paint suitable for use on surfaces with high operating temperatures. Typical applications for these products include boilers, fans, components and industrial ovens & chimneys.

Heat Resistant Paints for Up to 250°C

Firwood 64 - Fast Drying Aluminium Paint is a fast drying, heat resistant paint with a brilliant aluminium finish. It has excellent economical coverage for decorative and protective use on metalwork and possesses good heat resistance up to 250ºC.

Firwood 64 is suitable for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and other similar absorbent materials.

Firwood 193 - Finishing General Service Aluminium Paint is a general purpose aluminium finish for interior or exterior exposure on many types of substrate. Gives excellent heat resistance up to 200°C and conforms to DEF STAN 80-31.

Firwood 193 is suitable for application by brushing or spraying to clean bare steel or primed surfaces. It is also suitable for use as a sealer on surfaces having a moderate coat of bituminous material applied, or as a substitute for shellac knotting.

Firwood 393 - Fast Drying Matt Finish is a fast drying matt finish with high opacity and good durability.

Firwood 393 is suitable for use on ferrous or pre-treated non-ferrous metals. It is ideal as an economical single coat finish or as a final coat in a multi-coat paint systemfor spray application. In black, it can be used as a heat resisting coating able to withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 250°C, with a short term maximum of 300°C.

Why choose Firwood?

Firwood Paints are manufacturers of specialist paint and coatings for industrial and commercial applications. Established in 1925, the company operates from its UK manufacturing site to service its home and overseas customers.

Firwood manufacture a comprehensive selection of paints and coatings that satisfy the needs of a diverse range of industries and specialist applications.

Attention to the needs of customers combined with an innovative approach to product development plus continuing investment in technology and manufacturing methods, guarantee that Firwood consistently produce high quality paints supplied with the best levels of service.

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