Firwood 2053 High Temperature Stove Paint

Heat resisting paint for wood burning stoves and gas fires that withstands temperatures up to 600°C

Firwood 2053 High Temperature Stove Paint

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A protective and decorative paint for stoves and artificial fire coals where high temperatures will be experienced. Will withstand continuous elevated temperatures up to 600°C. Easy to apply with fast drying times. Can be used as a single or two coat finish on bare metal surfaces. The high solids content permit the direct application of this coating on stoves and flues installed in buildings. (Not for use on vitreous enamels.

  • Good colour retention at elevated temperatures
  • Suitable for new applications and maintenance of older stoves
  • Fast drying
  • Ideal for post installation touch up of wood burning stoves and artificial effect coals.
Typical Applications:
  • Gas Fires
  • Wood Burning Stoves
  • Chimneys
Compliance: EU limit value for this product (cat A/i): 500 g/l (2010) Supplied ready for application.

Please refer to Material Safety data Sheet and Technical Information Sheet prior to the use of this product. See download tab.

Application Methods: Brush

Colour Availability:

Pack Size: 750 ml, 2.5 litre tins

Drying Time @ 20ºC: Drying times will be extended at low temperatures . Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 5ºC or relative humidity exceeds 90%.

Surface dry @ 20ºC : 15 minutes

Dry to handle@ 20ºC: 1 hour

The paint surface if air dried will become fully cured after the painted article has been heated up for the first time. Care must be taken with the paint film until this has occurred. Alternatively the paint may be stoved to fully cure (see below for schedule).

Stoving Schedule 20 minutes @ 200 - 220ºC

Dry Film Thickness: 25 - 50 μ

Wet Film Thickness: 60 - 120 μ

Coverage: Approximately 8m² per 1 litre @ 50 μ DFT. Coverage can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.

Flash Point: 25ºC

VOC Content (as supplied): Max 499g / litre when mixed

Storage: Store in temperature range 5-40ºC

Thinners: Firwood 113 Thinners

Directions for Use: Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust, grease, millscale, etc. Stir well before use.

Ensure all pilot lights on stoves are extinguished and previously used fires have both died down and cooled.

Do not apply where sources of ignition are present.

The paint film will harden further once the painted article has been heated up for the first time. This should be conducted in a well ventilated room as smoke/fumes may be emiitted during the first heating cycle.

If overcoating previously applied coatings it is recommended to apply a test patch to ensure compatibilty between the two coatings.

This product is not recommended for application over vitreous enamels.

Apply a thin coat, excessively heavy film build will result in cracking of the paint film.

Cleaning: Clean application equipment immediately after use with Firwood 113 Thinners

Please click here to download the Technical Information Sheet PDF.

Please click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheet PDF.

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