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Wood Floor Varnish

Firwood's wood floor varnish is suitable for many types of wood to enhance and protect. Available from stock as a single or two pack application. Anti-slip properties can be achieved with the addition of Firwood 209 polymer beads.

Wood Floor Varnish

Firwood's single pack water borne polyurethane lacquer is quick drying with good abrasion resistance. Available as a clear satin finish with a low odour formulation.

Firwood two pack water borne polyurethane floor seal has a low odour formulation and is available from stock in clear satin, clear matt or clear gloss finish. Applied as a two pack cross linked with Firwood PU hardener providing excellent protection and durability on heavy traffic wooden floors.

Firwood's High gloss polyurethane varnish is suitable for all types of natural wood. It possesses exceptional resistance to wear and is highly recommended for use on table tops and bars.

For more information about wood floor varnish or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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