Firwood 2510 Water Borne Two Pack Polyurethane Sports Linemarker

Hard wearing sports court line marking paint for vinyl and wooden floors - For Professional Use Only

Firwood 2510 Water Borne Two Pack Polyurethane Sports Linemarker

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A pigmented water borne two pack polyurethane coating for line marking in sports halls. One application will produce a tough, colourful matt finish that has excellent chemical resistance and excellent wear resistance under heavy traffic conditions.

Suitable for use on wood, sealed wood and vinyl flooring. Particularly suitable for sports halls but has been used in museums and art galleries for the creation of floor signage. Ideal for use wherever there is a need to create in-situ markings on floors and walls.

  • Suitable for most types of vinyl and wood flooring
  • For use in sports halls, museums and public buildings
  • Ideal for in situ marking of floor signage
  • Very hard wearing, rapid curing
  • Can be overcoated with clear seals
  • Available from stock in 7 standard shade
Coverage: Approximately 100m per litre per coat @ 50mm line width. Approximately 120m per litre per coat @ 38mm line width.
Typical applications:

  • Sports Halls
  • Squash Courts
  • Factory Floors
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Slip Resistance. Results obtained using BS7976 Four S Pendulum:
  • Dry : 65 - Extremely low slip Potential Wet : 25 - Moderate slip potential
Compliance: Complies with “the VOC in Paints, Varnishes & Vehicle Refinishing Products Regulations 2005". EU limit value for this product (cat A/j): 100g / litre (2010)

For more information please also see the Flooring products selection guide located in the download tab.

Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical Information Sheet prior to the use of this product. See download tab.

Application Methods: Foam Roller, Brush

Colour Availability:
Black, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red & Orange.

Pack Size: 1 litre composite pack

Drying Time @ 20ºC: Drying times will be extended at low temperatures . Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 10ºC or relative humidity exceeds 80%.

Surface Dry @ 20ºC: 1 - 2 hours. Leave to cure for a minimum of 24 hrs before using the facility. Low temperature/high humidity will impair the drying of the marker paint. Allow 72 hours after application before mechanical cleaning of floor.

Coverage: Approximately 100m per litre per coat @ 50mm line width. Approximately 120m per litre per coat @ 38mm line width.

Flash Point: Not applicable

VOC Content (as supplied): Max 99g / litre when mixed

Storage: Store in temperature range 5-40ºC

Thinners: Use clean cold water

Pot Life @ 20ºC: 3 hours when mixed. The pot life will be significantly reduced where the mixed paint is used at higher ambient temperatures.

Surface Preparation: Refer to the Product Technical Data Sheet.

Mixing Ratio:
Base: Curing Agent Approx. 9:1 by volume

Packaging: Pack Size : 1 litre composite pack consisting of 0.9 ltrs of base and 0.1 ltrs of curing agent.

Test Areas: If you do not have experience of painting the type of substrate in use it is recommended that a test area is first painted to ensure correct practice and adhesion. This is particulalrly relevant to vinyls where some printed vinyls have coatings which prevent adhesion of the line marking paint. Mix a small quantity of paint in the recommended mixing ratio of 9:1 base paint to cure by volume. Apply this and allow to dry. Test for adhesion and if the line marking paint can be removed then a primer such as Firwood 2550 Two pack Water Borne Gloss may be required.

Mixing: Mix components together thoroughly for approx. 5 mins using a wide bladed stirrer. Leave for 15 mins before application.

Directions for Use: Apply two coats using a high quality foam roller or brush. The first coat should be lightly applied, allowed to tack dry and then a second heavier coat applied.

Remove masking tape immediately after application and before the coating dries.

The painted surface must then be kept dust free for at least 30 mins.

Cleaning: Application equipment should be washed immediately after use in clean cold water before the product starts to cure.

Please click here to download the Technical Information Sheet PDF.

Please click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheet for the base component PDF.

Please click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheet for the curing agent PDF.

Please click here to download the Flooring products selection guide PDF.

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