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Firwood 2501 Water Borne Traffic Linemarker

Firwood 2501 Water Borne Traffic Linemarker

From £44.95

Firwood 251 Line Marking Paint

Firwood 251 Line Marking Paint

From £30.90

Line Marking Paint

Firwood has a range of paint designed for the marking of lines on concrete, timber and asphalt surfaces. Firwood’s line marking paints possess excellent resistance to abrasion, with options produced for different surfaces and conditions.

Paint For Marking Line

Line marking paints are used in a variety of places, whether it’s for marking out parking spaces onto concrete or asphalt, wood and vinyl sports hall floors or boundaries of a production line, Firwood have the paint which is created specifically for the job.

This includes Firwood’s fast drying, water borne acrylic line marker which is quick and easy to apply and produces sharply defined edges. It provides good resistance to petrol, diesel, oil and water as well as excellent resistance to tyre pick up.

Firwood also offer solvent free epoxy line marking paint which provides excellent durability. It can be applied to bare concrete and previously painted surfaces, giving you a tough finish that develops good chemical resistance.

If using in public spaces where time of is of the essence, then there is also Firwood’s fast drying solvent borne acrylic line marking paint which is designed for the marking of car parks, factory floors and sports pitches. This paint is made with a tough weather resistant formula which makes it suited to outdoor use.

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