Firwood 2720 Aqua Zone Anti-Slip Coating

Quick drying anti slip coating for internal and external use including aquatic environments - Made to order

Firwood 2720 Aqua Zone Anti-Slip Coating

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A multipurpose epoxy resin coating for the in-situ application of anti-slip surfaces in areas where aquatic toxicity is an issue. This product combines a durable water borne epoxy paint with a heavy duty aggregate dressing selected for its anti-slip properties. Has excellent resistance to water, chemicals and abrasion. Quick and easy to apply thus minimising long term closure of coated areas. The product is not classified as dangerous to aquatic environments allowing it use alongside ponds, rivers and canals.

Classified as low slip potential in wet and dry environments. The product consists of two packs of a two pack water borne epoxy paint and a matching coloured anti-slip aggregate. After the first coat is applied the aggregate is spread across the coating, whilst wet, and when dry this is overcoated with a second sealer coat of the paint. The heavy duty coating offers excellent slip resistance and durability.

  • Water borne coating
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Quick to apply, two coats of paint in one day
  • For use on suitably prepared steel and concrete surfaces
Coverage: Approximately 5m² per pack. Coverage can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.

Typical applications:

  • Lock gates
  • Pontoons
  • Jetties
  • Decking
Slip Resistance. Results obtained using BS7976 Four S Pendulum:
  • Dry : 64 - Low slip Potential Wet : 63 - Low slip potential
Compliance: Complies with “the VOC in Paints, Varnishes & Vehicle Refinishing Products Regulations 2005". EU Limit Value for this product (cat.A/j): 140g/l (2010). This product contains max 5 g/l VOCComplies with the indoor air quality requirements of: French regulation of March 23, 2011 (décret DEVL1101903D) and of April 19, 2011 (arrêté DEVL1104875A). Class A+ German Regs. -DIBt (October 2010) and AgBB (June 2012) Belgian Regs - The tested product complies with the requirements of the Royal Decree for establishing threshold levels for the emissions to the indoor environment from construction products for certain intended uses (Draft December 2012).

Fire resistant to BS EN ISO 9238-1 2010 and BS EN ISO 11925-2:2010. Conforms to the Indoor Air Quality Standards of France A+ German and Belgian Standards.

For more information please also see the Flooring products selection guide located in the download tab.

Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical Information Sheet prior to the use of this product. See download tab.

Application Methods: Apply product by brush or roller then immediately scatter aggregate evenly over surface. Allow to dry for at least 4 hours and then brush off excess aggregate. Now apply the top sealer coat using the second combination pack of base paint and curing agent supplied thinned down Colour Availability: Mid Grey, Med Green, Tile Red, Yellow & Black

Pack Size: 10kg composite pack

Drying Time @ 20ºC: Drying times will be extended at low temperatures . Do not apply when ambient temperature falls below 10ºC or relative humidity exceeds 85%.

Surface Dry @ 20ºC : 1 hour

Over Coat @ 20ºC: After 4 -6 hours. Foot traffic can be allowed on the coated area after 24 hours. Heavier traffic can be allowed on the coated area after 48 hours with full cure achieved after 7 days.

Coverage: Approximately 5m² per pack. Coverage can be affected by such variables as type and condition of substrate, type of application equipment and individual method of application.

Flash Point: 100ºC (Cure)

VOC Content (as supplied): Max <5g / litre

Storage: Store in temperature range 5-40ºC

Pot Life @ 20ºC: 1.5 hours when mixed. Mix components together only when ready to apply coating. The pot life will be significantly reduced where the mixed paint is used at higher ambient temperatures.

Surface preparation: Refer to the Technical Data Sheet.

Mixing Ratio: Base : Curing Agent 2:1 by volume. Part C : Non-slip grit, scatter over first coat as required.

Packaging: Pack Size : 10 kg composite pack consisting 2 cans Part A: Base, 2 cans Part B: Cure, 1 bag Part C: anti slip grit.

Mixing: The pack contains two cans of curing agent and two cans of base paint. Retain one curing agent and base paint for the second coat to be applied later. Mix base with curing agent using a spatula or flat piece of timber. Mix thoroughly or product will not cure correctly.

Due to the surface profile of the applied aggregate we recommend the top and final coat of paint is mixed with approx 20% tap water by volume. This is equivalent to approx 300 ml of tap water to the mixed base and cure. This ensures adequate coverage and reduces the viscosity of the coating so it flows better over the aggregate.

Directions for Use: Best results are obtained in warm (minimum 15°C), dry conditions with a good through draught. Do not apply at temperatures less than 10°C.

Mask off the areas to be coated as applicable. Apply the mixed base paint to the surface using a brush and/or short nap roller.

Remove masking tape whilst coat ing is still wet. Ideally the product should be applied as a single coat application.

Please click here to download the Technical Information Sheet PDF.

Please click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheet for the base component PDF.

Please click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheet for the curing agent PDF.

Please click here to download the Flooring products selection guide PDF.

Product Reviews
Good anti slip properties
By Dave from Falmouth on October 14th 2015
Used this for the last couple of years on pontoon decking and ramps. Its quick drying and each pack is just enough for the jobs we do so no wastage. Happy to recommend it.
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