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Firwood 2700 Two Pack  Water Borne Epoxy Floor Seal

Firwood 2700 Two Pack Water Borne Epoxy Floor Seal

From £100.20

Anti Slip Floor Paint

Hardwearing floor paints with anti-slip properties offer enhanced safety to slippery areas. Firwood has a great selection of anti-slip floor paints including options which are based on an epoxy ester formulation that dries to a tough durable finish. Most of our anti-slip paints have good resistance to water, oils, mild acids and alkalis.

Paint With Anti Slip Properties

Avoid claims for slips by the correct selection of anti-slip floor paints. All the products in this range have been tested for their anti-slip properties using the HSE approved Pendulum Test, the preferred method of testing slip resistance in the U.K.

Firwood has anti-slip paint which is ideal for use on concrete and timber floors. The anti-slip properties are produced by the use of organic powder which eliminates the risk of sparking from metal wheels, therefore providing enhanced safety to potentially slippery areas.

Firwood's range of anti-slip floor paints provide the best protection for industrial and commercial areas where water or other liquids are liable to be spilt. We have anti-slip paint suitable for various surface types including asphalt, concrete, stone and wooden flooring.

Firwood also have specialist anti-slip paints including epoxy resin coating which is for areas where aquatic toxicity is an issue. It combines durable water borne epoxy paint with a heavy duty aggregate dressing selected for its anti-slip properties, providing excellent resistance to water, chemicals and abrasion.

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