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Firwood 204 Anti-Slip Aggregate

Firwood 204 Anti-Slip Aggregate

From £4.32

Firwood 209 Polymer Beads

Firwood 209 Polymer Beads

From £9.16

Anti Slip Aggregates

Anti-slip aggregates and granules are designed to be added to paints and coatings to improve the slip resistance of a surface particularly when the surface is wet.

Anti-slip Solutions For Floor Coatings

Firwood 209 polymer beads are suitable for use with Firwoods range of wood floor seals and wooden floor paint. It has been designed to retain the clarity of the coating whilst reducing the potential for slip.

For improved slip resistance, Firwood 204 anti slip aggregate is formulated for the addition to Firwood pigments floor paints and seals. It should be mixed with floor paints prior to application for the best results.

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