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GS36 Glixtone Concentrated Fungi-Shield Sterilising Solution

GS36 Glixtone Concentrated Fungi-Shield Sterilising Solution

From £8.47

Firwood 133 Gun Cleaner

Firwood 133 Gun Cleaner

From £24.55

Cleaning & Degreasing Fluid

Firwood's cleaning and degreasing fluid is ideal for the preparation of parts or flooring before the application of paint, ensuring a smooth and complete finish.

Paint Equipment Cleaner

Firwood's highly concentrated fluid for cleaning and degreasing painting equipment and industrial surfaces can be used with either a mop or power cleaner. It is suitable as a general purpose cleaning fluid and is ideal for engineering and plant cleaning, making it useful for the removal of grease and oils from floors and walls prior to painting.

Firwood also provide a general purpose spray gun and paint equipment cleaner made from mixed alcohol & hydrocarbons. Firwood's paint gun cleaner is best used before any paints have been allowed to dry on application equipment.

For more information about cleaning fluid or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email
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