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Paint Brushes

Firwood provide a great range of paint brushes ideal for general painting and decorating, along with synthetic brushes designed for water borne paints.

Paint Brushes

Firwood's selection of paint brushes provide an even coat over any surface, helping paint look great and last longer. This includes Firwood's quality black mixed natural and synthetic bristle paint brush, which is designed for general use with all types of paints including solvent and water borne.

Firwood also offer a range of Taskmaster brushes from Harris which are designed for both professional decorators and DIY users. They are produced using a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles, which means they are suitable for use with most water borne and solvent borne paints

For specific water borne painting, Firwood provide a range of Harris T Class synthetic bristle paint brushes. These are created with long length synthetic filaments which are trimmed and flagged to deliver optimal paint layoff. They also feature extra fine tips for reduced tramlines and exceptional cutting in control.

For more information about paint brushes or any of Firwood's other products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email
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