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Firwood 700 Fast Dry Gloss

Firwood 700 Fast Dry Gloss

From £41.82

Aerosol Top Coats

Firwood's range of aerosol top coats provide a high solid gloss finish making them suitable for use as a decorative or protective finish on a variety of surfaces.

Aerosol Top Coats

Firwood's aerosol top coats are suitable for a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications and possess a quick drying feature which makes them suitable for application in both indoor and outdoor environments.

This includes Firwood's tough drying full gloss machinery enamel paint, which is a lead free industrial finishing paint available in an extensive range of shades including BS 381C, BS 4800 and the German colour standard RAL.

It is suitable for use on ferrous metals, timber and other surfaces, and is ideal for both internal and external use. It is designed for use on metal containers, castings, agricultural and industrial implements, components and machinery and other large metal surfaces.

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