Will Your Floors Pass The Slip Test This Winter?

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood Paints Ltd on December 18th 2015

The Benefits Of Using Anti Slip Paint

During winter, the risk of a slip or trip fall increases significantly because of wetter conditions, resulting in a higher demand for anti slip paint. Over 37% of accidents in the workplace are caused by slip and trip falls, but the solution costs considerably less than the £512 million cost to employers each year because of such accidents (Source HSE UK).

We have an extensive range of epoxy floor paints that offer a brilliant and reliable solution. Our paint was even chosen for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium to minimise the risk of slip and trip falls in high traffic areas, including over 15,000 steps inside the stadium! Keep reading to find out more about our anti-slip paint and application tips to consider!

How To Reduce The Risk Of Slips And Trips On Floors

The first action to improve the chances of a slip or trip fall taking place is to carry out a simple, but thorough, risk assessment. Consider the following:

  • The level of vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • The type of activity to be carried out
  • The age profile of pedestrians and whether they are likely to be disabled
  • The slope of the floor
  • The nature of any contaminants, for example: water, oil or grease
  • Is the floor internal or external and close to external doors where water may ingress?
Property owners have an obligation to ensure that any visitor, staff member or customer is not put at any undue risk of injury as a consequence of a poor risk assessment or solution.

For many floors, a simple way to reduce risk may be to use floor mats where shoes shed water as pedestrians cross them, as whenever a floor is wet the chances of a person slipping increases. Where mats are not suitable or the floor is on a slope then an anti slip paint or surface is required. There are a range of floor paints and seals available at Firwood; these can differ as follows:

  • Single or two pack
  • Fine to heavy anti slip aggregate
  • Clear or pigmented systems
Single Pack Anti Slip Paint

Firwood's key single pack of anti slip paint is Firwood 40 Anti Slip Floor Paint. This epoxy floor paint has added anti-slip beads that help to reduce the risk of slips on wet floors. For external applications, Firwood 2508 Anti Slip Asphalt Paint can be used on outdoor surfaces such as paths and walkways.

Other ex-stock floor paints include Firwood 29 Floor Paint, Firwood 2500 Garage Floor Paint and Firwood 2527 Satinfloor Aqua, which can be supplied with anti-slip aggregates that can be added as the paint is applied.

Two Pack Floor Paints

The benefit of two pack epoxy floor paints is that they are more durable in application and can be applied at higher film thicknesses, permitting coarser aggregate to be used in anti-slip coatings. Key products in the Firwood range of two pack anti slip epoxy floor paints are:

  1. Firwood 2700 Water Borne Epoxy Floor Seal - Supplied with anti-slip aggregate that is added when the final coat is mixed prior to application. This durable gloss floor seal has been used on major projects, including car assembly plants and the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.
  2. Firwood 2750 Quick Drying Water Borne Epoxy Floor Seal – Available from stock in RAL and BS Colour Standards this quick drying epoxy floor paint can be supplied on request with various anti slip aggregates for different types of slip hazards.
  3. Firwood 2200 Anti Slip Coating – A coarse 100% solids epoxy floor seal that is coated with a pigmented aggregate immediately after application. Used in football stadiums on steps and ramps and other commercial applications where a heavy duty anti-slip coating is required.
  4. Firwood 2720 Aqua Zone Anti Slip Coating – Suitable for use on both indoor and external jobs. Consists of a two pack coating of which two coats are applied with a layer of coarse aggregate between coats. Fast drying product that can be applied in a single day. Minimum application temperature 10°

How To Measure Slip Resistance

A figure for slip resistance is quoted on the technical information sheet on all of Firwood's anti-slip floor paints. To assess how slip resistant a type of paint is, we apply it to sample plates in both wet and dry conditions. The testing is carried out using a Pendulum Slip Test Apparatus which measures the coefficient of friction when a swinging dummy rubber heel rubs across the floor paint.

Insert image of pendulum test apparatus

This test method is now the subject of the British Standard 7976 Parts 1-3: 2002 and is the method used by Firwood when testing floor paints and coatings. The table below shows the potential for slip classification, based on pendulum test values.

Pendulum Value Slim Risk
0-24 High
25-35 Moderate
36-64 Low
65+ Extremely Low

The minimum HSE guideline for slip resistance in potential wet areas (water contamination) is a pendulum measurement of above 35.

Create A Safer Environment With Anti Slip Paint

Firwood epoxy floor paints and anti slip paint offer a cost effective solution to reducing the risk of slips and trips from slippery floors. Act now to reduce this risk on your property. Contact Firwood for more information on (0)1204 525231, or email our helpful team at websales@firwood.co.uk.

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