Why Choose Epoxy Floor Paints and Coatings?

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood Paints on January 28th 2016
Epoxy is an extremely tough and durable synthetic resin used in some coatings. Epoxy floor paint and coatings exhibit good resistance to chemicals and abrasion. They are typically used in commercial and industrial applications where harsh environmental conditions might be experienced.

Everything You Need To Know About Epoxy Floor Paint & Coatings

The term Epoxy denotes both the basic components and the cured end product of epoxy resins. The reaction of an epoxide resin with a polyamine hardener creates a thermosetting polymer which results in the fully hardened epoxy coating.

The epoxide resin and hardener are kept separate prior to use. When the epoxy coating is ready to be used, the two components are mixed together. This in turn starts a chemical reaction, which results in a resilient and hardwearing material.

The main benefits of using epoxy products are as follows:

  • They can be applied to rough and uneven surfaces
  • They are resistant to water, oils, solvents and some chemicals
  • They are extremely durable and long lasting
Firwood's range of epoxy floor paint products include:

Epoxy Primers

  • Firwood 86 Two Pack Epoxy Surface Tolerant Finish is an anti-corrosive bright aluminum epoxy primer finish containing laminar glass flake. The rust encapsulating properties seals out moisture to prevent further damage to the substrate and future protection. With excellent salt spray resistance, it can withstand tough marine and chemical conditions.
Epoxy Concrete Repair

  • Firwoods Rapid Set Epoxy Repair Mortar is suitable for internal and external repair to cracks and potholes in concrete floors. The fast curing tough epoxy mortar repair systems is easy to mix and apply creating a cost effective solution to concrete repairs suitable for both vehicular and fork lift traffic.
Epoxy Line Marker

Epoxy Floor Seals

Firwood manufacture a range of epoxy floor seals to meet the requirements of both industrial and commercial specifications. These include:

Quality Epoxy Floor Paints

When specifying paints for industrial and commercial applications epoxy floor paints provide solutions for most applications. If you would like more information, contact us on +44 (0)1204 525231 or email websales@firwood.co.uk.

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