Who wants a grey floor – About range of Epoxy Floor Paints

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood Paints Ltd on May 29th 2015
Well not surprisingly most of the customers for Firwood's range of epoxy floor paints do. Its neutral doesn't show up too much dirt and is the colour of choice for most specifiers of floor paints.

Despite this Firwood's Fast Dry Epoxy Floor Paint is now available in over 370 shades from stock. Recognising the needs of architects and facilities owners Firwood's quick drying floor paint has been made available in the full range of RAL Classic shades as well as British Standard Colours to BS381C and BS4800. Additional special shades can be produced for customers to their own in house colour standards.

Why have more colours? Well the careful selection of shades can be of benefit in defining areas within a building. Designers can use colour to create awareness of risks and create identities for different departments within a building. More neutral shades of floors can be relaxing in areas such as canteens and brighter colours can be specified for areas such as meeting zones. Floors can also be painted in bands of similar shades creating the impact of a forced perspective guiding users of a building to exits and entrances.

So for walkways, machine beds and areas for the storage of goods a little colour difference can work wonders. Even if grey is still the preference then Firwood can offer over 50 shades of grey from stock.

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Firwood manufacture and supply a range of epoxy floor paint for industrial, commercial and residential use. Based in Lancashire, we've been providing high quality paints for almost a century. If you would like more information regarding our products, please don't hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1204 525231. You can also email our customer service team for advice or information at websales@firwood.co.uk.

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