Spring is upon us

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood on April 10th 2015
It only takes a little sunshine and our swimming pool customers are back online ordering pool paint to smarten up their swimming pool's for the coming season. In the UK this is one of our more seasonal products but as soon as spring arrives sales pick up.

Firwood offer a range of products not only for the painting of pools but also pool buildings and plant rooms. Our products have been used on major projects for example the diving boards at the Grade 2 Listed Crystal Palace Pool in London. Key to the product's success is the vast range of colours we offer swimming pool paint in. We have been surprised by requests for black pool paint but dark colours have proven very popular particularly for pools with underwater lighting. As ever though, the pale blue shades are the better sellers. They must give our customers the feeling of swimming in a warm sunlit ocean.

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