Selecting A Suitable Durable Industrial Floor Paint

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood Paints on January 27th 2016
Painting your floor is not only time consuming and disruptive, but it can also prove to be an expensive undertaking, too, especially when carried out on an industrial scale. Therefore, it is important to select a product that will stand the test of time and take your money further. Take a look at this guide to select a suitable paint for your floor.

5 Questions To Select The Most Effective Industrial Floor Paints

Investing in resistant, hard wearing industrial floor paints won't just prevent work related injuries and help to provide a safe working environment for your employees, but will better protect your floor against oil and chemical spills, machine vibrations, heavy traffic and drastic changes in temperature as well.

  1. Is the floor subject to heavy traffic?
Floors subject to forklift trucks and heavy machinery need to be hard wearing to avoid floor abrasion which can create cracks, dust and loose material. Preventing floor abrasion will not only extend the life of your coating but can also help to prevent potential workplace injuries that can lead to costly claims.

  1. Is the floor subject to chemical, oil and other spillages?
Industrial chemicals can seriously damage a floor and have the potential to cause safety risks to the workforce. Applying suitable industrial floor paints will better protect the surface from chemical spillages and as a result, improve safety too.

  1. Does it need to be anti-slip?
Slips and trips are a major hazard in factories and any areas where the general public may be present. You can find more information and statistics about slip and trip falls in workplaces by following this link.

  1. Is hygiene a consideration?
How you apply the product should be a consideration for all industries, but especially if hygiene is imperative and regular deep cleaning is carried out, for instance in environments where food, medical substances and animals are concerned. Industrial floor paints that have a low odour and a quick drying formulation would be more suitable in these environments.

  1. Is colour range important?
Aesthetic qualities can be particularly important in commercial environments. Shops, bars and restaurants are all subject to a large amount of foot traffic, so coloured floor paint can help to attract visitors improve the overall appearance of a space. It is important to create a safe, easy to maintain surface whilst creating a positive brand image.

Shop Industrial Floor Paints From Firwood

Firwood manufacture a wide selection of industrial floor paints, sealers and anti-slip floor paints, including two new products suitable for everyday use in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. View our flooring products selection guide here. Alternatively contact our technical department +44 (0)1204 525231.

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