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Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood on July 19th 2016

Using Industrial Paints Systems for long term protection of steel

Paint systems are most commonly used for the long term protection of steel.As well as manufacturing and developing industrial paints and coatings we have a skilled technical department to assist with putting together paint systems in compliance with the ISO 12944. Paint systems usually comprise of a sequential application of paints consisting of primer, undercoat and finish coat, though in low corrosive environments single coat systems can prove to be more than adequate, this will, however, be dictated by the environment and required durability.


Each layer of the paint in the system provides a specific protective function, they are as follows:

  • Primer is applied to the suitably prepared substrate to provide corrosion inhibition and good adhesion to subsequent coats. Firwood manufacture a diverse range of primers to suit most projects.
  • Intermediate coats build up the thickness of the system to enhance the overall protection to the substrate.Intermediate coats such as micaceous iron oxide (MIO) are designed to reduce moisture permeability.Firwood 86 Two Pack Epoxy Surface Tolerant Finish contains laminar glass flakes which creates a convoluted path for moisture and chemicals tougher to penetrate.
  • Top coats provides the first line of defence from environmental exposure.Firwood have an extensive range of single or 2 pack top coats that can be used as a single coat or as part of a full paint system. Available in over 300 + shades they provide the perfect decorative and aesthetic finish to the project.

See Firwoods Guide to selecting your compliant system for the corrosive protection of steel structures for information and guidance about selecting the most suitable paint system for your requirement.

As always the success of the project will of course depend on the substrate being suitably prepared prior to any paint system being used.For more information and product advice contact our technical service department.

Achieve Outstanding Protection With Firwood's Industrial Paints

Firwood are a leading manufacturer of industrial paints, we are dedicated to offering nothing but the very best paints, finishes and treatments for all of our customers' applications. If you're looking for high-quality, anti-corrosive primer and top coats for industrial and maintenance applications, or even just the best products from the most experienced water-based paint manufacturer, get in touch with our team today on 01204 525231.

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