How To Apply Firwood 2200 Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Paint

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood Paints on February 10th 2016
Firwood's 2200 Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Coating is solvent-free epoxy floor anti-slip paint that is combined with a heavy duty-aggregate. This aggregate has been selected for its outstanding anti-slip properties, allowing the product to offer the very best in health and safety features for industrial and warehouse facilities.

The Benefits Of Firwood's Anti-Slip Coating

Not only are our anti-slip coatings low-odour, but they are extremely easy to apply and can dry in an extremely short time, making them the ideal option for busy industrial environments. It is suitable for both direct application on-site and for pre-fabricated step-nosings, which are subsequently applied.

The finished coating has a high resistance to slipping and excellent resistance to water, chemicals and abrasion.

The use of anti-slip coatings helps business owners to comply with the specific obligations under relevant building regulations with regards to access for the disabled. Firwood 2000 can be used on concrete, brick, stone, asphalt and suitably abraded ceramic tiles.
Painted Steps complying with relevant building legislation
Typical applications can include steps, ramps, walkways, footbridges, sports stadia, retail parks and areas for disabled access.It can also be used on truck beds and tail lifts to provide a safe working surface for staff.

Firwood 2200 Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Coating is available in White, Yellow, Mid Grey, Medium Green, Brown and Black.

Preparing The Application

Bare Concrete

Remember that you cannot apply this paint to newly-laid concrete. All surfaces to be coated should be at least 4 weeks old andhave a moisture content of less than 7%. They should also be free from any contaminants orsurface laitance (a weak dusty layer on concrete). Traces of grease or oil can be removed using Firwood 110 - Cleaning & de greasing fluid.

Very smooth concrete, or concrete with surface laitance, should be treated with Firwood 2709 - Concrete Etching Fluid to ensure good adhesion (refer to application instructions for correct useof this product). Treated areas should be thoroughly washed down and allowed to dry before coating.

Previously Painted Surfaces

Previously painted surfaces should be thoroughly abraded by sanding to improve adhesion and to remove any weak or loose material. It is advisable to test the coating on a small area first to check compatibility with previous coatings.

Applying The Anti-Slip Paint!

Each pack contains: 10 kg composite pack consisting of Part A: Base, Part B: Cure, Part C: Non-slip grit.

1. Best results are obtained in warm (minimum 15°C), dry conditions with a good through draught.

2. Mask off the areas to be coated as applicable. Ensure all surface preparation is done before mixing.

3. Add Part B - Cure to Part A - Base and mix thoroughly for approx. 5 mins using a wide bladed stirrer. A wooden batten at least 25mm wide is ideal. As the pot life for this product is only 30 minutes, the components should only be mixed together when ready to apply the coating.

Caution: The base paint cures by exothermic reaction with the curing agent. After initial mixing the base paint will increase significantly in temperature. The product is usable in this state but care should be taken in its handling. Do not leave the can on any surface that might be affected by high temperatures and hold the can by its nylon handle.

4. Apply the mixed base paint to the surface using a brush and/or short nap, synthetic roller. Once the coating has been applied, immediately broadcast the coloured aggregate (Part C) by hand over the coating ensuring all areas are well covered.

5. We recommend removing any masking tape used whilst the coating is still wet.

6. Once the coating has cured, remove the excess aggregate with a soft brush.

Application equipment that has been used should be disposed of after use, or cleaned immediately with Firwood 113 Thinners.

For High-Quality Anti-Slip Paints, Choose Firwood!

Firwood 2200 Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Coating has been used on major projects throughout the United Kingdom and further afield. For more information about our diverse range of anti-slip paints, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01204 525231. Alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns to, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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