Firwood Water Borne Polyurethane Floor Seals

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Resilient Floor Seal Products For Commercial And Domestic Environments

The modern commercial market for the refurbishment of wooden floors is well-looked after by professional flooring contractors. In our experience, clients are typically looking for cost-effective hardwood floor coatings which are durable, easily-applied and features a low odour – along with being aesthetically pleasing.

Here at Firwood Paints, we offer a system of primer and finishing water borne floor seals that easily meet the performance levels of the modern market.

Firwood 2530 Water Borne Polyurethane Floor Seals

This is a single-pack acrylic modified polyurethane floor seal which can be used as a primer under suitable two-pack floor seals,in circumstances when the floor has been sanded back to the bare wood flooring. It is also suitable for use as a finish coat in lighter traffic, non-commercial applications where lower cost and single-pack products are typically preferred. This floor seal is air-drying and self-cross-linking and available in an attractive satin finish.

Firwood 2550 Two pack Water Borne Polyurethane Floor Seal

Applied as a two-pack system cross-linked with an isocyanate curing agent, this is a hard-wearing floor seal which is available in gloss, satin and matt finishes. Typically this will be applied over Firwood 2530 Water Borne Polyurethane Floor Seal, used as a sealer coat, and two or more coats should be used.

Firwood 2602 Wooden Floor Paint

For customers who are looking for a pigmented finish from their water borne seals, Firwood produce a pigmented polyurethane floor paint which can be used as a single-pack or isocyanate cured two-pack coating. Firwood 2602 Wooden Floor Paint is available from stock in over 300 shades including BS and RAL standards. For application in high traffic retail environments, as well as domestic applications, this satin finish floor paint is specially formulated to offerhard-wearing properties and boasts a visually attractive finish.

How Are These Products Applied?

Surface preparation of wood floors is essential if you're looking to achieve a long-lasting, high-quality finish. It is absolutely critical that you remember to clean back to the wood itself and remove any trace of old finishes and seals. Usually, this is best achieved with a belt sander - suitable machines can be hired for one off jobs.

Old wax-based finishes and oil-based stains will prevent good adhesion of water borne seals to the floor. As soon as the floor appears to have had all the old seal removed, use a clean sanding belt to finish the job off. Remember to vacuum away all loose dust. It's a messy job, and it won't all be on the floor, so make sure that all walls and windowsills are cleaned as well.

Next, you need to apply the primer seal coat and allow the seal to dry. Shortly afterwards, rub it down with a 150 grit or finer buffer. Once again, vacuum off any dust and allow the air to settle.

Then, you need to go over the surface with a clean, damp cloth to remove any remaining dust. You can use new cleaning cloths as necessary but do not wipe down the wood with any harsher chemicals or solvents.

If you choose to use Firwood 2550 Two-Pack Water Borne Floor Seals, then they should be mixed in the ratio of 9:1 by volume. Remember to only mix enough of the product to apply within the pot life of the coating (2-4 hours at 20°C). The pot life will drop dramatically at higher temperatures, so try to keep it cool for as long as possible.

Stir the floor seal or paint well before application. Use a squeegee or a short-hair roller to apply an even coat over the wood itself, but swap to a radiator roller or brush when you approach skirting boards and door trims.

If you have any of the product left after its pot-life has expired this must be disposed of. Then clean your roller tray and dispose of any rollers. If you're treating an area that is likely to suffer heavy traffic, then you can repeat the process with a second, or even a third coat as required.

Firwood 2602 Water Borne Wood Floor Paint can be applied in a similar manner. Some bright shades will require multiple coats to ensure adequate coverage. Graining can be carried out to produce a worn effect to the finish.

Remember to always allow coatings to cure fully as detailed on the technical information sheet before allowing heavy foot traffic on the floor. This will drastically help to reduce scratching and improve long term durability of the coating.

Firwood Paints - High-Slip Resistance

Wood flooring can be extremely slippery when wet. Here at Firwood, we make sure to test our floor seals to BS7976 Four S Pendulum Test. Wet floors coated with floor seals have a moderate slip risk, but the risk is usually low once the application has dried.

The use of aggregates in clear floor seals often leads to a cloudy and unattractive finish. To overcome this, we recommend the use of clear polymer beads to increase the slip resistance of clear floor seals.

Firwood 209 Polymer Beads can be added to the floor seal before application and can drastically improve the slip resistance of the entire coating. This is particularly useful when you take into account those areas which might get wet – including the area around washrooms and entrance areas.

Water Borne Floor Seals For Heavy-Traffic Areas, Direct From Firwood Paints

Here at Firwood, we are proud to offer floor seals which can boast excellent abrasion resistance and remain some of the easiest products to apply. Our products have been used in areas such as motorway service stations, hotels, domestic environments and even dance floors!

For more information on anyone of our products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01204 525231.

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