Firwood Heat resistant paints now available in 18 colours from stock

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood Paints Ltd on July 7th 2015
Why choose black? For many years black has been the colour of choice for high temperature applications on stoves and gas fires. Consumers now want more choice and wood burning stoves have become a focal point in many homes. Demand for black stoves remains high but more discerning customers want something a little different. To cater for this demand Firwood have extended their range of heat resistant paint to include 18 different shades.

Firwood's Development Team were faced with the issue of testing a broad range of pigments to identify suitable pigmentation that would withstand temperatures up to 600°C. Most pigments will fade or burn off well below these sorts of temperatures are reached. Colour consistency is required from ambient temperature right up to the operating temperature of stoves and exhaust systems.

The end result of the development work is a range of high quality paints that are air drying for ease of application, fast drying, and maintain outstanding colour stability with in-service temperatures reaching up to 600°.

When used on suitably prepared surfaces Firwood heat resistant paint are marr and scratch resistant and will help protect against rust.

Typical applications are as follows:

  • Wood burning stovesFlues
  • Fire boxes
  • Boilers
  • Incinerators
  • Exhausts
  • Silencers
  • Barbeques
  • Heaters
  • Gas fires

For further information, technical support, advice or a shade card please contact or one of our friendly customer service representatives on 01204 525231.

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