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Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood on November 4th 2015

Fire Testing & Floor Paints

The safe use of products is important in all applications but particularly in commercial and industrial environments where there may be many more people around than in a residential environment.

Recognising that there is always a risk of fire in buildings Firwood have floor paints that have been tested for their fire retardance properties. These tests have been carried out at the Exova Laboratories formerly known as the Warrington Fire Research Institute.

Samples of floor paints are applied to a concrete board substrate and these are subjected to two tests. One is to test for the spread of flame when it is held against the surface of the floor paint. The second test is to look at the production of toxic fumes when a flame is held against the coating by analysing any smoke produced.

The tests are carried out to the following standards:

EN ISO 9239-1:2002 Fire Tests for the determination of the burning behaviour of floorings

BS EN ISO 11925-2:2002 Ignitability of building products subjected to a direct impingement of flame

Information on the test procedures and results are available from Firwood Paints Ltd.

The following products have been tested to the above standards and approved for use in commercial environments:

  • Firwood 2700 Two pack water borne epoxy floor seal
  • Firwood 2750 Two pack fast dry water borne epoxy floor seal
  • Firwood 2720 Aqua zone anti slip coating
  • Firwood 2500 Garage Floor Paint
  • Firwood 2501 Water borne traffic line marker
  • Firwood 2508 Anti slip asphalt paint
Floor Paints
Floor Paints
Floor Paints
Floor Paints

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Further information on the product testing is available from Firwood Paints. For more information about any of Firwood's products including the professional range of industrial floor paints please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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