Firwood's Newest Addition To The Range Of Anti-Corrosive Primer

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood on April 29th 2016

Long term protection

Storage and processing equipment that was installed many years ago will certainly have deteriorated from the effects of corrosion in polluted atmospheres and the costs associated with corrosion can easily run into the many thousands of pounds.

Firwood 86 Two Pack Epoxy Surface Tolerant Flake Finish has been developed with the goal of preventing long-term corrosion and can withstand tough conditions including marine and chemical environments.It has been tested in excess of 5,000 hours exposure to hot salt spray to ASTM B117 Standard..

The anti-corrosive primer finish once applied encapsulates the rust and seals out moisture preventing further damage to the substrate and results in future long term protection.

Firwood 86 primer contains laminar glass flakes which creates a convoluted path for moisture and chemicals tougher to penetrate.

The extremely cost effective solution is easy to apply, fast-drying and it leaves a bright, reflective finish which is designed to reflect sunlight and help reduce the impact of UV light on the substrate. Suitable for application by brush, roller and spray.

Follow the link to read the Solvent Storage Tank UK case study.

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