Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood Paints Ltd on January 19th 2017
Chlorinated rubber paint is a hard wearing and flexible coatings with a good resistance to water and chemicals.They provide anti- corrosive protection in locations such as coastal environments and chemical works.

Firwood's highly effective range includes primers and top coats for a variety of different surfaces.

Firwood 191 Chlorinated Rubber High Build Primer provides anti-corrosive protection for steelwork in aggressive environments. Use in conjunction with Firwood chlorinated rubber finishes.

Firwood 680 Chlorinated Rubber Finish is a chemical and water resistant decorative gloss finish available in over 300 shades.Use as a top coat in chemical resistant paint system to provide long term protection for metal and wood in chemical and costal environments.

Firwood 690 Swimming Pool Paint this decorative gloss is for use on concrete swimming pools that require a good water resistance to areas that may be exposed to weak/medium strength acids and alkalis. Firwood Pool Paint is available in a wide range of RAL and British Standard Shades from stock.

Firwood 781 High Build Chlorinated Rubber Paint has a good chemical and weather resistance and is recommended for areas exposed to acids and alkalis.The semi-gloss finish has good durability, flexibility and adhesion.

Achieve Outstanding Protection with Firwood Chlorinated Rubber Paint

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