An Introduction To Line Marking Paint

Posted in Product News and Information by Firwood on December 11st 2015
Firwood Paints have been producing line marking paint for commercial and industrial applications since the company was formed back in 1925. The product formulations have moved on since then, but the principles of marking lines on floors, walkways and roads remain the same.

Line marking is an essential element of organising people, vehicles and goods into clearly defined zones. Keep reading for tips on applying this type of paint and find out more about our range here at Firwood!

Tips For Applying Line Marking Paint

  1. Take into consideration the weather - The right conditions are critical to the success of line marking paint Make sure the floor or roadway is dry and will remain so during the curing period of the paint.
  2. Keep traffic, pedestrians and animals away from the lines whilst they are drying. Paint on shoes or paws are best avoided!
  3. Mark out the area where you wish the line to go with a chalk string, ensuring it is straight and appears correctly placed - When measuring out spaces for pallets, shipping containers or vehicles, ensure adequate space is given for manoeuvring into the allocated space. Colour code areas where necessary for disabled parking and larger vehicles etc.
  4. This type of paint is typically applied by brush, roller or specialist spray equipment.
  5. When marking out sports halls ensure you have the correct layout and sizing for the sports the court will be used for. Typically on smooth floors masking tape is applied to the desired line width. This must be removed shortly after application of the paint and before it has fully dried, or the edges of the line may tear when the tape is eventually removed.

Types Of Marking Paints Available

Each marking paint product from Firwood has a technical information sheet, which can be downloaded on our website at Users are recommended to read these carefully when both selecting and using a line marking paint.

  1. Firwood 2510 Sports – This two pack water borne polyurethane paint was developed for the marking of single and multi-court lines on sports hall flooring. Used on wood, pvc and vinyl sports hall floors, this tough paint withstands heavy foot traffic experienced in sports halls. Application is typically carried out by specialist line marking contractors. The paint is flexible, impact resistant and available in handy 1 litre packs in with seven standard shades available from stock. The product is also used on vinyl flooring in museums, airports and hospitals to give directional information to visitors.
  2. Firwood 2501 Water Borne Traffic Line Marker - This is specially for use in factories, warehouses and car parks. This single pack self-cross linking acrylic paint is quick and easy to apply by brush roller or spray. It can be used on suitably prepared concrete, wood, and asphalt flooring in both internal and external applications. Based on lead free pigmentation with good obliterating properties.
  3. Firwood 2201 Epoxy - This tough paint is a two pack solvent and water free epoxy system that is capable of withstanding regular vehicle and fork lift traffic. Supplied as a kit with all you need for the painting of 75 metres by 5 centimetres per pack in either white, black or lead free yellow.
  4. Firwood 251 Acrylic – This is a solvent based paint that is a good all year round and can be applied in winter and summer. The hard wearing acrylic formulation is suitable for both internal and external use. Available in pack sizes from 5 litre tins to 205 litre drums in a range of seven shades.

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