Tin Lids – Protecting Our Floor Paint and Industrial Coating Products In Transit

Posted in Firwood News Update by Firwood on August 26th 2015
There can be nothing more annoying than a tin lid popping off a paint tin in transit. We have had the odd car seat damaged and van floor covered in leaking floor paint over the years. The dilemma is how to keep the paint tin lid on but still be able to remove it when required.

The solution in recent years was a metal latch ring that clamped the lid in place and these proved to be very successful for the customer but are slow to apply on our filling lines. To speed things up we have recently introduced new styles of UN Certified 5 litre tins that have a plastic rim pressed over the tin lid in after filling of the can.

These are now being used across our product lines including our floor paint and have been well received by customers. A screwdriver can be used to help lever off the plastic rim prior to removal of the tin lid. Graphical instructions are printed on the top of the can to illustrate how to remove the lid.

For 2.5 litre tins an alternative system is used for sealing the cans. This is in the form of a "Triple tight rim" on the top of the can where the lid is pressed into a channel which has a small amount of adhesive in its base. This firmly holds the lid in place whilst in transit and the seal is broken when the lid is removed with a screw driver.

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