Has Hammer Finish Paint Seen Its Day?

Posted in Firwood News Update by Firwood Paints Ltd on August 26th 2015
As a traditional, solvent borne paint, hammer finish coatings have been used for over 50 years. These effect finishes offer a cost-effective solution when it comes to covering up any imperfections on painted metallic items; for example, castings and wrought iron.

The hammer finish effect, as produced by the addition of silicones to the paint, can occasionally lead to the development of weak points within the paint-film itself. However, the careful product formulation the finish is not only attractive, but will also prevent corrosion when applied at a suitable film thickness. Undoubtedly, the best results for this form of paint are found when it is applied directly over a suitable anti-corrosive primer.

The Very Best Effect Finishes, From Firwood

Here at Firwood paints, we prefer to use a system which features a coat of Firwood 70 Anti-Corrosive Primer, followed by Firwood 130 Hammer Finish Paint.This system remains one of the most popular amongst manufacturers of pumps, electric motors, gear boxes, safes, warehouse trolleys and general ferrous metal castings.

For those customers looking to reduce the use of solvents,we have an alternative system which makes the most of water borne paints. You can still achieve excellent anti-corrosive results through the use of Firwood 2586 Water Borne Anti-Corrosive Primer, followed by Firwood 2525 Water Borne Lunar Finish.

This is fairly unique amongst effect finishes, as it utilizes mica as a means of creating a completely random effect, which has been said to resemble the surface of the moon, as a result of its miniscule craters and small ridges. Lunar finish is, more than ever before, being used on pumps, shop fittings and electric motors to create a stylish and practical finish. These water borne paints have the advantage of being quick and easy to apply. All spray equipment used in the process can be quickly washed down immediately after use with tap water, and can require much less effort after the fact.

Other Effect Finishes

Other finishes which might be of interest to architects and specifiers aremetallic finishes – produced with aluminium or stainless steel flakes – or micaceous iron oxide(MIO) finishes. MIO is a popular choice, as it is a naturally occurring lamellar form of ferrous oxide.

MIO creates a surface which is resistant to abrasions and features excellent weathering properties, good UV resistance and is also protected against corrosion. It can be used as an intermediate build coat in a paint system or as a finish in its own right. Firwood offer two MIO systems ref Firwood 36 Micaceous Iron Oxide which is available in a range of 7 shades from stock and Firwood 85 Two Pack Epoxy Micaceous Iron Oxide.

MIO finishes tend to have a light metallic shimmer to them, particularly when used as a finishing coat. This is specified by architects looking for both effective protection from corrosion and an attractive finish.

External Finishes

For street and garden furniture, along with advertising hoardings, we offer two metallic finish aluminium paints; Firwood 193 Aluminium Paint, which is based on a bright leafing aluminium finish, was originally manufactured to a Ministry of Defence Standard Def Stan 80-31 for general service applications. For items likely to be rubbed against, including railings, a slightly more muted, non-leafing aluminium finish is available in the form of Firwood 195 Metallic Paint.

Special effect finishes can also be produced to replicate stainless steel using stainless steel flake and other metals such as bronze used in Firwood 278 Anti-Corrosive Bronze Effect Finish.

Effect Finishes For A Range Of Applications, From Firwood Paints

So, whether you're looking for bright, metallic finishes or for a more traditional hammer finish, you'll be able to find what you're looking amongst the diverse range that we have on offer, here at Firwood.

In addition, we can also create bespoke shades and effects to meet unique customer specific requirements. Contact Firwood Paints directly on 01204 525231 for more information.

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