Good riddance to bad rubbish

Posted in Firwood News Update by Firwood Paints Ltd on October 17th 2016

Good riddance to bad rubbish

The staff of Firwood Paints and residents of Oakenbottom Road can breathe fresh air again following the closure of the Chadwicks Waste Site adjacent to Firwoods Bolton Factory.

Local residents were invited today to witness the last remaining lorry load of waste being removed after a petition was sent to Bolton Council for it to clear an estimated 20000 tonnes of rubbish from the Recycling Centre.

The Bolton recycling firm went out of business earlier this year and left the council with a £2 million clean-up bill. Residents had raised concerns about the large amount of waste on the site that was slowly rotting away leaving a pungent smell. The vast piles of waste which were over six metres high were a major fire hazard for Firwood and an eyesore in this picturesque area.

Work to clear the rotting waste from former Chadwicks site started in July this year. Bolton Council enlisted specialist waste contractors Viridor to clear the site . The work completed this month was a job well done and a major relief to residents in the Tonge Fold and Breightmet areas of Bolton who had put up with the eyesore for many years.

Local residents waved with joy today when the last remaining waste disposal vehicle left the site.

The council has yet to decide on what will become of the site, but for now all at Firwood Paints are finally enjoying a long awaited odour free day.

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