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Posted in Firwood News Update by Firwood Paints Ltd on October 30th 2015

Firwood's Sustainable Approach With Water Based Paints

Core to Firwood's emphasis on a more sustainable future is a desire to reduce the impact on the environment of the company's products and protect the health and safety of our own staff and our customer's employees.

Well before the introduction of REACH legislation Firwood started a program of eliminating hazardous substances from their products starting with lead chromates and hexavalent chromium compounds previously used in industrial finishes and etch primers. As demand for these newly developed products grew then the original products were eliminated from the product range.

A current project “Firmatch" is to offer a water borne alternative to all the company's solvent borne products with equivalent or better performance properties and no commercial disadvantage for the customer. Going beyond current legislative requirements extends the product life cycle and generates new demand both in the UK and globally.

Firwood have developed water borne floor coatings which are non-hazardous for transport and approved to indoor air quality standards in the German, Belgian and French markets. In a highly competitive market such newly developed products are seeing significant increases in sales and are well received by Firwood customers.

We are delighted to appear twice in BCF major sustainability report for the UK coatings industry click here to view.

The Firwood product range now includes some 35 water based paint systemsand 6 solvent free 100% solids paints available for sale online, making Firwood one of the leading UK water based paint manufacturers. This extensive range of water based paints is suitable for industrial OEM applications as well as maintenance and decorative paints. No longer do customers have to choose solvent borne paint systems for most applications.

Firwood – A Leading UK Water Based Paint Manufacturer

Firwood have been providing high quality paints and coatings for a huge variety of different industries since 1925. This long history means Firwood has vast experience at helping you find the right product for your requirements.

Firwood's research and development over the years have made us the number one water based paint manufacturers in the country. For more information about any of Firwood's products please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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