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Posted in Firwood News Update by Firwood on November 5th 2015

Paint Toll Manufacturing

When it comes to Paint Toll Manufacturing Firwood Paints of Bolton have an extensive range of products and services to offer. Our toll customers can focus on the sale and marketing of products rather than their formulation and production. Firwood can produce to customers own formulations or alternatively adapt existing Firwood formulations to meet customers specific requirements.

Firwood's Bolton factory is registered under the Environmental Protection Act for the manufacture of paints coatings and related materials. Both solvent and water based products can be produced on site. Extensive facilities exist for the handling of solvents and resins in bulk tankers and IBC's. Batch sizes of up to 6,000 litres can be handled and products filled in pack sizes from 250ml to 1000 litre IBC's. Specialist packaging of products such as aerosols and foil packs can be arranged through partner companies.

Our production facilities offer a flexible and responsive service. Firwood welcome enquiries for both short term and long term partnerships with our customers. Some customers call on Firwood to assist with production when their own facilities cannot cope with demand and products can be produced from our own raw material stocks or those supplied by our toll customers.

Private Label production of Firwood Products is carried out for customers who wish to complement their own product range with products from the extensive range of Firwood Paints and Coatings. Typical products are produced for the Decorative, Industrial, High Performance and Maintenance Paints market. Toll manufacturing and the supply of Private Label products can be covered with non-disclosure agreements.

Shipping can be arranged not only within the UK but across Europe and other International Destinations. Firwood currently ship both their own products and toll produced items to Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australasia. Firwood can advise on local restrictions on the shipping of hazardous products including packaging requirements.

Firwood operates and is approved to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Our Technical Services Department are able to assist customers with product labelling and REACH compliance issues.

Firwood offer a confidential discrete toll manufacturing process for any of our products including wall and floor paints. We produce to exact quality standards and offer a cost effective service in a professional manner. Join our increasing number of customers that rely on Firwood Paints for the production of paints and coatings.

Firwood – A Leading UK Toll Manufacturer of Paints and Coatings

For more information about any of Firwood's toll manufacturing and products including the huge professional range of wall and floor paints, please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email

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