Exports Are Painting A Pretty Picture At Firwood Paints!

Posted in Firwood News Update by Firwood Paints on February 10th 2016

Exporting Industrial Coatings and Floor Paints Across the Globe

Due to a lack of growth in the UK's economy demand for Firwood's Paints' high-quality products are more popular than ever across the world. Thanks to our dedication to driving innovation when it comes to floor paints and other products, our products are industry-leaders in more than 20 countries across the world.

Firwood: A Global Brand

The Managing Director of Firwood, Martin Wallen, recently reported that, in the last few months, products have been exported to countries all over the world, including Australia, Japan, Taiwan and the USA. Thanks to our innovative research and development wing, we are able to manufacture some of the world's most high-quality products for businesses and homeowners. This includes industrial paints and a diverse range of other treatments and paints.

We are extremely well-placed to offer an international service, with a fast turnaround of orders for full load and groupage deliveries. Our product quality is the thing which sets us apart from our competitors, and drives customers from all over the world to shop with us instead of buying from local suppliers.

With the value of sterling falling against other currencies, it is great to see that our products have anhuge demand overseas; a demand that is constantly increasing.

International Shipment Of Hazardous And Non-Hazardous Paints

Here at Firwood, we are proud to a professional and reliable service for the shipment of both hazardous and non-hazardous floor paints. Our product labelling is typically in the English language, but it can be easily translated to local languages is required.

We are even capable of specially formulating certain products to meet the demands of local legislation and production requirements.

A Diverse Range Of Floor Paints And More!

Over the past 90 years, we have grown the variety of paints that we are able to provide to businesses and homeowners across the world. Whatever you're looking for, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you can find it amongst the various products that we have on offer.
We can provide paints suitable for all kinds of circumstances, including:

• Industrial Paints;
• Maintenance Paints;
• Floor Paint & Sealants;
• High-Performance Paints;
• Heat-Resisting Paints;
• Toll Manufacturing;
• Decorative & Wood Paints;
• Aerosols;
• Ancillary Items;

Whatever kind of paint you are looking for, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Firwood will be able to supply it. We are prepared to send our high-quality products all over the world, to ensure that you can turn your property or workplace into the best version of itself that it can possible be.

Get In Touch With Firwood Paints, For High-Quality Floor Paints Across The Globe!

Here at Firwood, we are able to provide a diverse range of floor paints, in hundreds of colours and with a variety of different features which make them ideal for completely different circumstances and situations. For more information, please don't hesitate to visit our site at www.firwood.co.uk get in touch with our friendly team today on 01204 525231, or email any concerns that you have to sales@firwood.co.uk.

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