Disposing Of Waste Paint Packaging

Posted in Firwood News Update by Firwood on November 4th 2015

How To Safely Dispose Of Used Industrial Paint Products

Firwood products are supplied in packaging that is performance tested for the carriage of hazardous goods be it solvent borne or water based industrial paints. We want to ensure that the customer receives the paint in good condition.

After use the packaging will require disposing of and it is important that customers select the correct methods of disposal. Most Firwood products are packed in tinplate packaging and this can be recycled subject to the following conditions:

For product types which are classed as non-hazardous, see our guidance note https://www.firwood.co.uk/uploads/redactor/disposing-of-waste-paint-packaging-0.pdf, then the tin or pail can be sent for recycling as normal scrap metal. The tins must be empty and any residue of paint must be allowed to dry thoroughly so that no flammable liquid remains in the tin.

When disposing of hazardous waste, then it is important to use a registered waste disposal contractor for both the collection of the waste and receipt at the waste disposal facility. The movement of this type of waste requires the completion of a Waste Transfer Note prior to collection by the waste disposal contractor.The safe disposal of packaging is the responsibility of the customer. Paint companies are not allowed to collect waste paint tins unless they are to be re-used for example IBC's.

Clean cardboard packaging where supplied can usually be recycled with other cardboard waste. Surplus paint must be disposed of through a suitably licensed waste disposal contractor. The normal route for disposal of liquid paints is by incineration. Customers can consider the donation of suitable unused wall and floor paints to local charities as an option to the disposal of the paint.

Firwood – A Leading UK Supplier Of Industrial Paints

This guide will help you ensure that you dispose of used paint packaging in a safe way. For more information about any of Firwood's products including the professional range of wall and floor and industrial paints please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email websales@firwood.co.uk.

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