Where Is The Best Place To Store Paint?

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood Paints Ltd on September 7th 2015

The Safe Storage Of Maintenance, Industrial and Floor Paints

All users of paints have a responsibility to make certain that the paint they use is safely stored – not least to ensure that they enjoy the most value for money out of their paint, but also to ensure that the paint does not, in any way, risk harming someone's health.

The storage rules of floor paint are dependent on the type of paint and the quantity of the paint that needs to be stored.

Flammable Paints

The storage of small quantities of flammable liquids can be carried out in the room where the paint will actually be used. Here in the UK, this is typically limited to a maximum of 50 litres, and this should be stored in a steel or protective container away from the immediate area where the product is being used. Typically, this form of storage is for containers that are in-use.

The correct design of the storage bin, or cupboard, is essential when it comes to ensuring that, in the event of a fire, the paint does not ignite or help to spread the fire in any way. Those storage areas must be constructed out of steel, and also be suitably marked to show that they are in use for the storage of flammable liquids. Typically, they are fitted with a bund to the base, so as to retain any spillages and keep the flammable liquid contained.

You can easily find specialist storage containers for flammable liquids, such as floor paint, by searching on the internet.

For larger quantities than 50 litres, however, you need to ensure that these paints are stored in a dedicated room, with suitable fire resistance from any form of ignition. These rooms should be ventilated to avoid the build up of fumes at both high and low-levels.

More useful information on the storage of flammable liquids, and the precautions that you need to take whilst handling them, can be found on the HSE website.

Water Borne Coatings

For water-borne, non-flammable coatings, storage is a little easier. However, it is important to ensure that your paint is protected from frost. Many water-borne paints are made using emulsion polymers, which have a tendency to go 'bitty' when subjected to low temperatures.

They should, therefore, be stored in a heated store room rather than an unheated shed or other form of storage. If you need to store paint over the Christmas holidays, or any other long period of cold weather, it is important to ensure that adequate protection is given to prevent the coatings themselves from freezing.

Rotation Of Stocks

When it comes to commercial paint storage, it is important to ensure that the oldest stock is used first. Over its lifetime, paint is prone to settle and skins can form – this is a particular problem once a tin has been opened and the paint itself is exposed.

Here at Firwood, we ensure that every tin we produce if marked with a batch number, which indicates when that paint has been manufactured. You can find more information on the Firwood Batch Numbering System here.

We advise our customers to look at the recommended shelf life of the paint, which is listed at the link above. This is particularly important for two-pack coatings as the curing agents tend to lose their effectiveness over time.

The shelf-life of paints tends to drop quite dramatically, particularly for part-tins and opened-tins. Both of these should be used as soon as possible, before the product within deteriorates. We recommend that left-over paint is sieved to remove any contaminants before it is returned to the tin itself. Any left-over two-pack coatings should be disposed of as the pot-life will have already expired.

Industry-Leading Floor Paints, From Firwood

Here at Firwood, we are dedicated to making sure that our customers achieve the very best results with our products and enjoys the excellent value for money that we pride ourselves on providing.

When storing any part-tins, always ensure that the tin lid itself is securely attached to the lid, to prevent the entry of air and the loss of any solvents to the atmosphere. Care taken in both the handling and storage of paints will ensure that the user gets the best value from their purchase and that the coating performs as expected.

For more information on the storage or application of our floor paints, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01204 525231. Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can email them to our team directly at websales@firwood.co.uk.

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