Turning A Wall Into A Notice Board With Magnetic Wall Paint

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood on August 28th 2015
Using sellotape and other adhesives to put up posters and notices on walls can leave marks on the surface once the notice is eventually removed. This can quickly lead to the walls requiring repainting and decorating and is discouraged in a range of rented properties, including student accommodation.

For those environments where notices and adverts are regularly changed a solution was required to cut down on the never-ending and often high costs of refurbishment after paperwork is removed from walls. That solution evolved into the magnetic wall paints that we offer today.

Magnetic Paints For Interior Walls, From Firwood

Here at Firwood, we have developed a solution called Firwood 2520 Magnetic Wall Paint. This water borne paint contains a high concentration of iron powder which has been neutralised to prevent the possibility of rusting. The water borne paint is applied in two thick coats and provides an excellent surface for the hanging of any material, from posters to paperwork.

The coating can then be over-coated with emulsion paint, meaning that the “Magnetic Wall" blends into the background and needn't stand out from your ideal interiors design.

Applying Firwood Magnetic Wall Paint

When it comes time to apply our magnetic wall paint, you first need to mask off the area around where you intend to paint. Our magnetic paint can cover around 3sq metres per litre tin when applied in a two coat system. Ensure that youstir the paint well and apply a good, even film of the paint over the surface area.

Remember not to thin the paint as this can impact the magnetism of the layer. Our paint will dry to a grey finish and, once it is fully dry, you must apply a second coat. As soon as the second coat is dry, you should test the magnetic attraction of the coating with suitable paper and magnet. If the wall does not hold the magnet and the paper in place, then you may apply a third coat to improve its magnetism.

Cover the magnetic paint with your chosen colour of emulsion paint, if you'd like to, and you're all done!

Once correctly applied, notices can be put up on the magnetic wall using strong magnets which are attracted to the iron particles within the paint. The product itself has proven popular with art galleries, schools, colleges, airports and retail outlets. Here at Firwood, we are not only able to supply the magnetic paint and suitable emulsion paints to overcoat it, but also strong neodymium magnets which can used to hold up paperwork without damaging your wall!

Choose Firwood For Innovative Magnetic Wall Paints

Here at Firwood, we specialise in providing practical solutions to issues that people are having when it comes to interior design. Our magnetic wall paints are available to help you create a unique environment without having to risk damaging your wall.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01204 525231. Alternatively, you can email us directly at websales@firwood.co.uk.

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