Quick and inexpensive solution to transforming your garage using Firwoods Garage Floor Paint

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How to apply garage floor paint

Painting your garage with a good garage floor paint will instantly make your garage look cleaner and fresher and is a relatively easy and inexpensive transformation. Using garage floor paint will protect the concrete by offering protection and resistance against water, oil and spills.

Firwood 2500 Garage Floor Paint is a low odour, quick drying, easy to apply, durable water borne floor paint with good tyre pick up resistance.The attractive sheen finish provides resistance to oils, petrol, diesel, greases, lubricating fluids, water, etc. Order from stock with 8 colours to choose from.It is suitable for use on concrete and asphalt floors and can be transformed into an anti-slip coating with the addition of Firwood 204 - Anti-slip aggregate.

Surface Preparation

Do not apply to newly laid concrete. Surfaces to be coated should be at least 4 weeks old and have a moisture content of less than 7%. Ensure that they are free from any contaminants or surface laitance (a weak dusty layer on concrete). Traces of grease or oil can be removed using Firwood 110 - Cleaning and degreasing fluid.

Very smooth concrete or concrete with surface laitance should be treated with Firwood 2709 - Concrete etching fluid to ensure good adhesion (refer to application instructions for correct use of this product). Treated areas should be thoroughly washed down and allowed to dry before coating.For more information see How To Apply Concrete Etching Fluid

Surface Preparation - Painted Surfaces

Floor paints typically have poor adhesion to power floated concrete. Power floated floors must be either blast treated or chemically etched prior to the use of Firwood Garage Floor Paint. Please contact Firwood's Product Advisory Service for advice on suitable pre-treatment of this type of flooring.

Painted Surfaces & Asphalt

Smooth & previously painted surfaces should be thoroughly abraded by sanding to improve adhesion and to remove any weak or loose material. It is advisable to test the coating on a small area first to check compatibility with previous coatings and adhesion. New asphalt should be sand rubbed when laid.

Fill in any cracks and holes in the concrete Firwood's range of epoxy mortar is designed to provide the ideal quick fix for small cracks or holes in concrete floors. See How to repair damaged concrete floors for more information about using epoxy mortars.

Directions for use

  1. Best results are obtained in warm (minimum 15°C), dry conditions with a good through draught.
  2. Mix the paint thoroughly for approx. 5 mins using a wide bladed stirrer.
  3. For anti-slip surfaces, add Firwood 204 - Anti-slip aggregate and ensure the grit is evenly dispersed throughout the mix.
  4. Apply the paint using brush or roller see our range of ancillary items.
  5. On bare concrete floors it is recommended that the first coat be diluted with up to 20% water by volume prior to application. This will help seal the concrete surface.
  6. Once dried, a second coat can be applied at full strength.
On previously painted floors it is recommended that two thin coats be applied rather than one thick coat. This will prolong the life and performance of the coating.

Quality Garage Floor Paints

When specifying paints for industrial and commercial applications Firwood Garage Floor Paint provides the perfect solution for your application. If you would like more information, contact us on +44 (0)1204 525231 or email websales@firwood.co.uk.

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