How To Measure Wet Paint Thickness

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How To Measure Wet Paint Thickness During Application of Floor Paints

When applying paint it is important to ensure that an adequate film thickness is applied. If this isn't correct in the first instance, unfortunately a paint system is unlikely to perform to expectations. Whether you apply the paint by brush roller or with a spray, measuring the wet film thickness of floor paint is simple when you know how! Read on to find out more and get your newly painted floor right first time!

A Guide To Measuring The Film Thickness Of Wet Floor Paint

First of all, you need what's called a “wet film comb" to measure the thickness of the film whilst the paint is still wet. This is either a plastic or steel plate that has small graduated teeth cut into an edge.

These edges illustrate the amount of paint that has been applied. Here's a step-by-step guide that runs you through how to use one:

  1. Press the wet film comb firmly into a flat area of the painted surface at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Pull off the comb and read along the measurement scale to see which of the graduated teeth has paint on its tip. This will indicate the wet film thickness of paint.
  3. This process should be carried out as soon as the paint is applied (when the paint is still wet) and repeated where possible across the painted surface to ensure a consistent film thickness has been applied.
  4. Don't worry about ruining the finish of your paint. If done quickly after application of the floor paint the liquid will flow back to cover any marks left by the gauge, leaving you with a perfect finish.
  5. Once the wet film thickness of paint applied is known it is possible to calculate the dry film that will be achieved. To do this refer to the technical information sheet of the paint used and calculate the ratio of wet to dry film thickness that is shown. Remember that on a multi coat paint system this will need to be repeated for each coat of paint applied.
  6. To re-use the wet film comb without getting confused, remember to clean off any paint straight away and allow to dry before storing. Avoid dropping the comb as this will affect its accuracy. Wet film combs and paint testing equipment are available to purchase in the UK from Elcometer Ltd in Manchester.

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