How to apply magnetic paint

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood on May 24th 2016
Follow these simple steps achieve outstanding results using Firwood magnetic paint. Apply a minimum of two good coats as the potential of the magnet to stick to the paint is dependent on the film thickness applied.

1. Ensure that the surface is smooth, clean, dry and free from dust, grease, etc.Plaster surfaces should be sealed prior to the application of Firwood Magnetic Performance Paint.

2, Mark out or use masking tape to prepare the area to be painted.

3. Mix the paint thoroughly prior to use.Please note that the paint will also need to be stirred throughout the painting process to prevent it settling out.Do not thin the paint.

4. Using a brush or roller apply an even coat of the paint.

5. The paint will be hard dry after 4 hours but it is recommended to wait 16 hours before applying a second coat.

6. Once application of second coat has been applied and is completely dry, use a strong flat magnet to ensure that you have adequate coating applied.

7. When you are satisfied that your project has been successful remove the masking tape.

8. Overcoat with your selected emulsion paint or leave as applied.

9. Once the subsequent coats of emulsion paint has been applied, you can begin add your documents.

Choose Firwood For Innovative Magnetic Paints For Walls

Here at Firwood, we specialise in providing practical solutions to issues that people are having when it comes to interior design. Our magnetic paint is available to help you create a unique environment without having to risk damaging your wall.

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