Hints And Tips For Using Aerosol Paints

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood Paints Ltd on September 29th 2015

Hints And Tips For Using Firwoods Heat Resistant and Other Aerosol Paints

Using aerosols can be dangerous if you do not follow the right safety guidelines. Here are some general rules to follow when using aerosol based paints and some types of heat resistant paint.

Aerosol Paints – Hints & Tips

  1. When using aerosol paints you should ensure that you have the correct PPE, we do recommend using coveralls, safety glasses, gloves and paint respirator.
  2. Painting should be carried out in a well ventilated area.
  3. Ensure that the surface is suitably prepared and is clean, dry and free from dust.
  4. Carefully mask off adjacent areas with tape and newspaper.
  5. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.
  6. Protect the aerosol from the sunlight.
  7. Keeping the lid on, thoroughly shake the can for approximately 2 minutes until you can clearly hear the ball in the aerosol rattling.
  8. Test spray on an inconspicuous area for colour match and to ensure compatibility with any paints already on the object.
  9. Spray several thin coats from a distance of approx. 25 – 30cm, keeping the can moving from side to side.

  10. When you have finished painting hold the can upside down and hold down the nozzle and spray until only solvent is released. This clears the nozzle and the dip tube that goes to the base of the can. If you fail to clear out the nozzle and tube after each use then the can will be blocked when you next come to use it.
  11. If a nozzle does become clogged, use one from another can rather than throwing the whole can away.
  12. Aerosol paint cans should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
  13. Keep aerosol cans away from children and pets.
  14. If using aerosols outside be conscious that the overspray can blow on to other objects.

Firwood – The UK's Leading Supplier Of Heat Resistant Paint

This guide will help you ensure that the correct safety standards are followed when using aerosol paints. For more information about any of Firwood's products including professional heat resistant paint, please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email websales@firwood.co.uk.

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