Hints And Tips For Preparing A Room Prior To Painting

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood Paints Ltd on September 30th 2015
Firwood Paints manufacture a range emulsion and gloss finish suitable for domestic use, along with a complete selection of industrial floor paints. As with any painting project preparation is paramount to the success of the job. Below are some handy hints and tips for essential preparation of a room prior to painting.

Preparing A Room For Painting – Hints & Tips

  1. Ensure you have selected the right tools for the job, a small paint brush will assist in painting around the tight spots, a good emulsion roller will give a more professional finish.
  2. Pack away ornaments and take down pictures.
  3. Where possible move furniture to the centre of the room, this should allow you enough room to move around easily.
  4. Cover your furniture and floor with dust or plastic sheets.
  5. Mask off handles and skirting boards, ensure that you overlap the masking tape to protect carpets and floors.
  6. Ensure the room is well ventilated and at the recommended temperature for drying times.
  7. Ensure suitable attire is worn, it is probably best not to paint in your favourite shirt.
  8. Fill in any holes and cracks and ensure the surface area is smooth.
  9. Ensure surfaces are free from free from all dirt, grease and loose material.
  10. Refer to the directions on the tin for application instructions.
  11. Stir the paint thoroughly prior to use.
  12. When more than one coat needs to be applied, ensure that drying times are adhered to.

Firwood – A UK Based Leading Supplier Of Industrial Floor Paints

This guide will help you ensure that you have undertaken the correct procedures when preparing to paint a room. For more information about any of Firwood's products including the professional range of industrial floor paints please get in touch today by calling 01204 525231 or email websales@firwood.co.uk

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