Avoid frightful paint failures this Halloween

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood Paints Ltd on October 18th 2017

How to prevent frightful paint failures

Halloween is approaching and the bone chilling weather with it.Those tricky painting jobs need extra care and attention to ensure they don't just give up the ghost.

Scary paint failures such as peeling and flaking paint and frightfully hideous results can be easily avoided by following our simple guidance notes.

Good surface preparation is key and there are no tricks to avoid this but the end results will be a treat. Ensure that all areas are clean with no loose paint, dust, dirt and cobwebs to be seen.

Does the surface need priming? Adhesion of top coats can be a nightmare if this is not properly done!

Invest in top quality paint, which of course we produce, there isn't any magic involved but we are good at what we do.

We wouldn't suggest using a cauldron but stirring your paint we do.Quality brushes and rollers can produce amazingly magic results too.

If you feel spine chilling shudders it's probably too cold, only carry out painting in good weather conditions to achieve the best results.

It isn't a labyrinth just simple some simple links to follows, to avoid gremlins in your painting there are lot's of useful hints and tips for you.



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