Application of Anti-Mould Paint

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How to apply FS42 Glixtone Fungi-Shield Black Spot & Anti-Mould Paint

Application instructions for FS42 Glixtone Fungi-Shield Black Spot & Anti-Mould Paint

  • Completely remove all traces of loose, flaking soft and friable paint back to a clean firm surface by scraping and or washing.
  • Remove any existing mould growth by scraping or brushing with a stiff fibre brush, (NOT wire).
  • Make good any surface imperfections to original profile with a suitable filler and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Thoroughly abrade any glossy surfaces with glass paper to achieve a good key.
  • Sterilise the walls by applying a liberal application of Glixtone Sterilising Solution and allow to dry for 24 hours.
  • A second application of Glixtone Sterilising Solution is recommended for heavily infected areas.
  • Prime or tape any copper or other metal surfaces with an appropriate primer and allow to dry.
  • Copper surfaces must be treated prior to the commencement of any painting. Bare copper must be either taped or primed with appropriate primer.
  • Clean equipment with water.
  • Clean away all dust and debris from the surface before painting.
  • Apply two coats of Glixtone Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould Paint : FS42.
  • Glixtone Fungi-Shield may be thinned by up to 10% by water to all bare areas to be coated, prior to final coats.
  • During preparation, avoid the inhalation of dust. Wear a suitable face mask, if dry sanding. Special precautions should be taken during surface preparation of pre-1960's surfaces over wood and metal as they may contain harmful lead. For further advice, please contact Glixtone Limited.
IMPORTANT: Please refer to Glixtone Product and COSHH data before using this product, in areas where food stuff, eating utensils or food contact surfaces exist.

Decorative Protection FS42 Glixtone Fungi-Shield and Anti-Mould Paint

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